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Spicing up the taste of Kerala food

Haritha Foods explores the quintessence of Kerala food tradition and nurture healthy life style with organic and traditional food culture. Further than a necessity, food is a tradition reflecting ethnicity and way of life that is why Kerala food is distinctive and delicious. It needed to be organic and safe, with natural ingredients nurturing healthy life and existence.

Touching alive the distinctive taste of Kerala food!

Haritha Coconut Vinegar

Discover the freshness of healthy and natural coconut vinegar in each single drop. Organically prepared natural vinegar to add savor and keep your dishes fresh always.

Haritha Tender Mango

Kerala’s excellent recipe unlocking long-established secret and favorite flavors. Be sumptuous and explore the finest recipe of original tender mango.

Haritha Prawn Chutney Powder

Instant prawn chutney powder with real aroma of handmade prawn chutney. The irresistible flavor of finger biting pure and organic traditional taste of Kerala.

Haritha Mixed Fruit Jam

Delicious and yummy mixed fruit Jam from Haritha Foods. Try different varieties of snacks and fruit salads; be adorable and more loving before your kid.